Windrose Rural Media Trust

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Windrose was set up in 1984. It is a registered charity and its purpose is to use the media to undertake educational, archival and creative work in rural often dispersed communities. The community is at the heart of the work and there is always close involvement of local people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. It concentrates mainly on Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire but can work anywhere in the country. 


“Windrose has developed a long succession of projects which respond to community needs, fundraising for them one by one. For example: memory cafes with old film and singing for people living with Alzheimer’s; combined arts projects for rural touring, projects training young people in radio production; opportunities for people of all ages to write their own radio plays for broadcast; an internet radio station for family farms linking to community broadcasters in other countries; new music and poetry commissioned from young artists to accompany archive films;– and much more.”