Tinig UK


Tinig UK was born in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to respond to the lack of reliable information on how Covid-19 was affecting the Filipino community. More than 50 Filipino healthcare workers have died so far of Covid 19, making this one of the hardest hit ethnic groups. 


“For the first time, we started to see Filipino healthcare professionals and leaders bravely speaking to the British media – sharing how they lacked access to PPE yet turned up to work out of fear of speaking out and losing their jobs. But no one was telling these stories in a forum where everyone could read them. Each Filipino organisation or individual was posting on their own Facebook accounts or pages. And so Tinig UK was born. We aim to bring our diverse stories, views, events and projects together – in one place. We want to be heard and to be visible to fellow Filipinos and to the wider British public. We believe our messages can be more powerful if we speak with one voice.”