The Liliesleaf Trust UK

The Liliesleaf Trust UK 2

The Liliesleaf Trust UK (TLTU), a charity established in 2018, advances public knowledge of Britain’s central role in the international social movement to end apartheid in Southern Africa. It connects the learnings from this movement – one of the most important, Black-led histories of the 20th Century – to deliver its mission: “Empower communities today through engagement with the heritage of the movement against apartheid in Britain, exploring how solidarity, equality, anti-racism, and civic participation can change the world.”

The Liliesleaf Trust UK works closely with local schools, running an after-school enrichment club. Here some students are being shown the building at 28 Penton Street and are being shown the heritage plaque that demarks the site. 


“We are currently developing 28 Penton Street, Islington – the former African National Congress-in exile’s HQ and hub of British anti-apartheid activities – to become a centrepoint for public engagement in this history. The “Anti-Apartheid Legacy: Centre of Memory and Learning” [working title], expected to open in 2024, will include a permanent exhibition, an archive/collection, project spaces, a community garden, and Learning Studio. It will unlock a regular programme of exhibitions, events, workshops and training opportunities, annually reaching c.60,000 people, through an onsite and parallel online offer. As we work towards opening, we deliver a regular programme of public engagement through partnerships with community groups, schools, universities, local government and cultural organisations that create exhibitions, events, in-school education, and research. In four years, we’ve engaged 74,000 people in empowering participation.