The Leeds Library

A beautiful old library, filled with dark wooden furniture and rows of books with stairs leading to an elevated level of the library with more shelves filled with books.

The Leeds Library was founded in 1768 as a proprietary subscription library and is now the oldest surviving example of this sort of library in the British Isles. It seeks to support its foundations through taking care of its building, conserve and develop its collections, improve its financial and corporate sustainability. develop access to its heritage and have a culture of proactive management. The Library will also engage with a broad range of stakeholders through the development of partnerships, promote a programme of events and outreach to all communities, engage visitors new and old in our unique heritage story and develop a reputation for research, collection management and embracing new technology.

“The Library seeks to be a thriving, individual library and much loved cultural and heritage institution in Leeds which is an inspiring and valued home and resource for lovers of books, writing and creativity.”