The Cromwell Museum Trust


The Cromwell Museum is home to the best collection of items relating to the life and times of Oliver Cromwell on public display anywhere in the world. The collection comprises over 800 items, including portraits, clothing, miniatures, arms and armour and historical documents written by or about Cromwell. The Museum tells the story of Cromwell’s life, from his time at the school and his early years in Huntingdon and St Ives, before he became involved in national politics. On display you can see the vestry book of the parish of St Ives, which includes his signature, and some of his possessions, including his hat. By contrast, the Museum’s exhibits include luxurious items given to Cromwell later in life, including a magnificent Florentine perfume cabinet, which was a gift from the Grand Duke of Tuscany; and a 17th century medicine chest still with its surgical instruments and tools, which Cromwell is said to have taken on campaign with him.