The Co-operative Heritage Trust

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The Co-operative Heritage Trust is a charitable trust dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the co-operative movement in the UK. The Trust was founded in 2008 as an independent charity at a time when the assets of the British Co-operative Movement were recognised as being at risk. The organisation holds a wide range of records and media relating to the development of the movement, and is able to offer advice to co-operatives about how to take care of records they hold and continue to collect contemporary materials which will be of value to researchers in the future. The Trust intends to widen it’s profile and audience participation in order to continue to tell stories which are relevant to communities and sharing of the values and principles which underpin a co-operative society. 


“Our mission is to inspire people within and beyond the co-operative movement about the origins, development and contemporary relevance of co operation by collecting, safeguarding and making accessible artefacts and documentation through lifelong learning and research.”