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ShivaNova is a cutting-edge world music company with an international reputation. It is an ensemble of musicians from around the world, led by composer Priti Paintal, which blends urban and folk, jazz and ambient sounds with influences from Indian, African, Caribbean and Western music. It celebrates cultural diversity through music as well as through other art-forms including storytelling, dance, visual art and projection, circus and theatre. EQUATOR Festival brings top-quality international artists to London, Kent, France and beyond – music, dance and theatre events from Africa, Latin America, India, China, along with the best UK-based performers. Set up in 2007 as the promotional arm of ShivaNova, one of the West’s leading cross-cultural music ensembles, EQUATOR now includes world music and dance, jazz and classical music, English folk, choral and music competitions, with workshops and performances for young people and adults. It is the largest world music arts company based in Kent and works with schools to deliver music and dance workshops in different world cultures.