Shildon Heritage Alliance


The Shildon Heritage Alliance is a Community Interest Company based in Shildon, County Durham which comprises people with experience and skills from a wide range of business disciplines, coming together to find ways to use those qualities to find ways to preserve, promote and enhance selected aspects of the heritage of Shildon.


“We specifically champion aspects of heritage that are not covered by the other organisations. Our current principal project focus with our community are: a) To champion, develop a future vision for and preserve Shildon Railway Institute, the world’s first such institution founded in connection to the rail industry having been initiated in 1833. The vision to have a strong heritage focus whilst providing essential facilities for community wellbeing. b) To curate, preserve and make available our archive collection and research relating to the work of George Allan and Thomas Bulch, Shildon born brass composers that had international influence, c) To capture, make available and promote digitised first hand accounts of our industrial heritage and culture through filmmaking, story telling, documents and oral history. d) To organise and promote events that communicate and celebrate Shildon’s heritage.”