Shelley Theatre Trust

The Shelley Theatre is a unique piece of British Heritage. Built in the 1860’s in the home of Sir Percy Florence Shelley, it is the oldest theatre in Bournemouth, the only working private-house theatre in England, and the country’s last physical link with the Shelley family. The Trust believes in the power of theatre to change lives, and its vision is for the space to provide affordable access to the Arts to all members of the local, diverse community, whilst ensuring that a vital link with its literary heritage is not lost.

“Our mission for Shelley Theatre is to create in it a vibrant and inclusive Arts venue, a beacon for the independent arts sector, and a community hub accessible to all. Our objectives now lie in securing its future, by building an asset based fund to ensure it has alternative streams of revenue then restoring the building, so it can continue to deliver a positive impact in both community association, heritage and culture.”