Rotherham Museums, Arts and Heritage


Rotherham Museums, Arts and Heritage is an accredited museum responsible for Clifton Park Museum and Boston Castle, alongside five heritage sites including Catcliffe Cone, Keppel’s Column and Waterloo Kiln. It also manages the Council’s statutory Archives and Local Studies Collection. The service has been working to increase heritage engagement and develop three community groups for the Waterloo Kiln, Keppel’s Column and Catcliffe Cone. The service has started to work with community groups to challenge traditional ways of engagement and empowering their communities to reconnect with the stories on their doorstep. 


“Our vision is embed and to work collaboratively with the community groups to support them to become independent developing their own constitutions/charitable status; strengthening their plans and ideas to develop achievable site action plans, creative programmes and look at future fundraising to improve and develop the site.”