Old Chapel Music

Olc Chapel Music CIC 3

Old Chapel Music CIC was established over 25 years ago by musicians who wanted to give opportunities to young, disadvantaged and minority groups in Leeds. It offers rehearsal and recording studios at a low rate for non professional musicians and bands and are home to the Kaiser Chiefs along with other successful bands who have continued to support it over the years. It has just received funding to offer interactive museum talks each month starting late 2022, this is where it will share the history of the building and how it has changed over the years but also how music has always been at its core!


“We occupy one of the oldest Wesleyan buildings in Holbeck, Leeds which has a wealth of history that we are trying to preserve for many years to come. We support our community with free music festivals, building on the awareness of who we are and what we have to offer. We also support other charitable organisations by offering them office space & discounted studio time for their group activities. During Covid, in early 2021, South Leeds Radio were made homeless so we gave them studio 4 and they are now thriving, giving the people of Leeds a voice on the airwaves.”