Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School

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The Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School (MML) was founded in 1933 with the aim of advancing education, knowledge and learning in the science of Marxism, the history of socialism and the working-class movement. Established to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx and in response to Hitler’s book burning, the MML is home to a unique collection of published and archival sources on subjects including trade unionism, the struggle for women’s rights and campaigns against racism, peace and anti-colonial movements, anti-fascism and the Spanish Civil War. 


“The MML’s education programme – online and on-site – examines subjects ranging from Marxist political economy to socialist art. Marx House at 37a Clerkenwell Green had previously served as the print house of the Twentieth Century Press, frequented by William Morris and Eleanor Marx. The building is home to the office used by Lenin where he edited ISKRA in 1902-3.”