Kamitan Arts

Kamitan Arts Watermark

Kamitan Arts (KA) explores cultural identity and the heritage of our diverse community, highlighting injustices and empowering women, achieved by promoting community cohesion and understanding of humanitarian issues through the performing arts – working across generations, with children, young people and adults that are from disadvantaged backgrounds and challenging situations. The ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ grass-roots project was birthed organically to immediately support a traumatised North Kensington community, and developed over a year on into a 220 full-colour paged multi-lingual book and guerrilla short ‘Best Art Film’, encapsulating the voices of inter-generational poets, artists, activists, local residents, the bereaved, a victim and the woder empathetic community. KA aims to bring this community heritage cultural project to a wider worldwide audience, for the inscribed immortalised words and images to remain in the hearts of all as a testimony and living legacy.

“All our programmes are inclusive, and we always observe, critique and evaluate the learning, applying this to future work.  Before we became an official CIC our work was evident for nearly two decades in North Kensington, and had taken us to Brazil, Egypt, Europe, Sudan and back again to Ladbroke Grove! As we continue to develop and implement cross-disciplinary arts and cultural projects, which connect people, build and empower communities helping create social change.”