Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust

Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust was set up to purchase and restore Hartlebury Castle, home to the Bishops of Worcester, and to allow full public access to the site for the first time in its history including the nationally significant Hurd Library. The attraction opened in May 2018. The charity believes in sharing the diversity of historical and natural landscapes that contribute to the uniqueness of Hartlebury Castle; treasuring Hartlebury Castle and its collections and becoming recognised as a passionate and innovative leader in the guardianship and sharing of our heritage; developing the gardens and grounds to provide an ecological haven for wildlife and telling the story of the Castle’s estate over its 1000 year history; and enthusing partners and communities to nurture learning and engagement and to encourage well-being.

“The Trust’s vision is that Hartlebury Castle, through careful stewardship, is cherished, celebrated and understood, providing an unmissable experience that inspires, informs and delights all who visit.”