Halstead 21st Century Group

Some trees

Halstead was a small market town with light industry. It has lost the large market and is growing with modern housing estates. It is a town with history that the Halstead 21st Century Group does not want to lose!


“This woodland is in the town centre behind the former factory housing for Courtaulds. In the woodland is a unique collection of 16 industrial air raid shelters as well as the remnants of a landscaped Victorian garden. To the left is an open area formerly allotments and an orchard. The area would be ideal for our dream of ‘Halstead Heritage Park’. This would help preserve the history of the town, provide a pleasant town centre area for relaxation, be an incentive to attract visitors and so improve the footfall of the town. We helped fight off Tesco.  We are working on persuading the district council that it is not suitable for housing – lack of access and boggy land along with unique industrial heritage. To do this we work with other groups in the town. In addition we campaign about other areas where the history is more important than more housing.”