Devon & Exeter Medical Heritage Trust

The Devon & Exeter Medical Heritage Trust’s current mission focus includes accreditation as a museum and developing a programme of handling sessions. These sessions are based upon connecting stories and encouraging accessible engagement with heritage.

“We have a lot of items that can be handled (all medical and therefore sterile or able to be made so!), and we aim to use objects to connect people to their heritage through touch, smell, and hearing. We also hope that by maintaining part of the Collection to be handled, it will break down some of the barriers between a museum (as an institution with a reputation in the public eye for not allowing people to touch the objects) and its audience. Ultimately, this is aimed towards bringing in audiences and connecting to people who do not usually engage with heritage in our community. This will enable us to fulfill our charitable objective which is to educate on the history and practice of medicine, in all its forms, and enrich public knowledge of its link to society and culture throughout time.”