Clipstone Community Regeneration Group


2022 marks one hundred years since coal was first reached at Clipstone Colliery. At its peak it employed 1300 miners and in 1986 produced one million tonnes of coal. The Headstocks, at 65m are the tallest in Europe, used the earliest example of Koepe friction winders – still in situ in Britain – to permit deep shaft mining from the Top Hard seam to the Low Main coal seam at a depth of 920m. It was listed Grade II in April 2000 while still a working pit. CCRG a CIC, was formed to work with the community to address the social, economic and recreational needs of the local community. To find a new future for Clipstone Colliery through tourism, leisure and local businesses while preserving mining heritage of this unique piece of mining history.


“CCRG has had funding and support from Historic England, Heritage Fund and other stakeholders. Working alongside the new owner we plan to regenerate the site to be an all-weather sports, leisure and tourism hub to compliment such visitor destinations as nearby Sherwood Forest. We have started to archiving the history of coal mining at Clipstone though oral history, theatre, art and digital media.”