Calderdale Industrial Museum Association


The museum opened in August 1985 and was an instant success, later winning a national award as best museum of industrial and social history. It was staffed by skilled qualified engineers who had previously worked on the MSC scheme. A lively education programme included occasional theatrical productions, and the workshop, apart from maintaining the exhibits, was used to manufacture items for other council departments, thus raising additional income. In its day, Calderdale Industrial Museum was a very valuable educational and cultural resource, as was the pre-industrial museum in the Piece Hall before it, and this view was borne out by the great numbers of visitors it attracted. Many people still lament its closure and believe it is too important to waste. The Committee and members of CIMA are now working closely with Calderdale Council to bring about its resurgence with new displays, new facilities, training and educational opportunities which will ensure it becomes a nationally valued asset for all.