Broomhill Community Library


Broomhill Library was opened in September 1957 as part of the library service in Sheffield and ran successfully for over 50 years. After a review in 2014 the council decided that it could no longer fully support all its libraries and it seemed that Broomhill Library would close. The council then offered funding for volunteers to take over running the library and Broomhill Community Library was born. Broomhill Community Library is a company limited by guarantee and is run as a not for profit organisation. BCL is a co-delivered library run in partnership with the Sheffield City Council. This means that the council pays for the running costs of the building, provides new books etc. but it does not pay for the staffing of the library.


“Our amazing volunteers work to keep it operating as a library, but they also do a whole host of other essential tasks, such as gardening, fundraising so that we can make improvements to our offer, providing the ICT, decorating, producing the newsletter.”